Life and Living in sai Ying pun, Hong Kong

Maybe I am just late to the game, but a secret municipal mystery has emerged in Northern Sai Ying Pun between the current Western Park Sports Center and the Western Tunnel Ventilation Building…a park, pool, and pitch courtesy of Dr. Sun Yat Sen! Honestly, this blows my mind, but on appearances Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park looks like government action perfection!  Check out the attached photo; two basketball courts, one football pitch, full bathroom and changing facilitates including six showers, a beautiful reflecting pond right on the harbor, huge promenade with fishing area, and a memorial lawn with grass you can ACTUALLY WALK ON!  And if that was not enough, a very large swimming pool complex (not yet complete).  Seriously, who is responsible for this???  I will report on anything I find in my research, but if you know please post in the comments section.  See you in the pool!

We now have another indicator of affluence in “Thai Pad”; an up-scale Thai food restaurant located just off Bonham Road and Western Street.  I must admit that they managed to spin gold from the sow’s-ear that was the previous tenant.  I was told by the manager that the restaurant is run by a land development company and that they probably own the building and the land it resides on.  Does that mean that whole slope of Western street will become Sai Ying Pun’s own “cougar alley” someday?  Hope so!

For the food test, I ordered the standards: PadThai, Stir-fry chicken noodle, and Som Tom and they were all good.  I guess the only other check would be the fish dish and lime-soda.  As seen from the attached pictures, they made the place look nice.  Almost too nice for its neighbors, but lets hope that inspires them to dress-up as well.  (Phone 2549 9271 for orders and reservations)

Thai PadInside Thai Pad

Lin Heung on Wellington Street in Soho is known to be little, old, dirty and delicious.  I once saw a rat run across a pipe in the middle of weekend breakfast and not one person batted an eye!  They were too busy cueing up at the ‘che-jai’ for their damn dim sum; wonderful!  Now, not too far away, on the fringe of Sai Ying Pun we have one large (2 floors), traditional (has the ‘che-jai’ carts and the tea cups) Lin Heung of our own!

Pay your respects to Gwan Gung in the lobby on the ground floor and go right to the third floor for service as the second floor is way too crowded with cranky old folks who are not entertained by your lack of cuisine-knowledge nor your pronunciation of “CHAR SEE EEWW BOW”.  (P.S. Take the ticket off the table and up to the counter to pay)

Lin Heung

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